Food Truck Project

Hello again, 

We have novel projects every month of a book we decide to read. This month’s book project was called the food project. We had to make a poster or a three-d object made by hand. We also had a math part and it was about proportions.  Something awesome that our teachers decide to do for this project was to make a food item that is connected to the Book. My novel book was named Cyclone and I really enjoyed it! It has many awesome characters in it, but now I ‘\m off-topic. All the 6th-grade classrooms had a bunch of food in it and it was amazingly good. All six grader got tickets to eat a bunch of food. What’s your favorite food?

One thought on “Food Truck Project

  1. Dear Hayat,
    The Food Truck Festival will certainly be a project that we will use next year too! Getting to taste all of the unique foods the students made was a delicious way to spend the morning.
    Reading about how much you enjoyed both your novel, Cyclone and the food truck festival makes my day!
    Happy Blogging,
    Mrs. D

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