Secret Santa day

Today I got something for one of my friends . It was Secret Santa day and I got Mikayla Two things of candy . Now they were not just regular candy . It was chocolate over a gummy . Now I thought that ,That would be perfect because those are two things that she loves ….. but was I wrong . It was gross ! A bunch of people offered to have one . Most people did not like them but one person did . I did get her another pack of gummies that just had a different variety of different gummies . Thank you for stopping by! what’s your favorite¬† candy and do you prefer gummies or chocolate better ?

One thought on “Secret Santa day

  1. Hello Hayat,
    Writing about your chocolate-covered gummy gift is a great idea. Particularly since the candy caused such extreme reactions. It seems like a perfect combo of candy until you try it!
    Keep blogging,
    Mrs. D

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