Have you ever thought’ what would you do if you woke up with no bones ? Well I have answers for you ! Let me just tell you this tragic story of what happened . I woke up from bed thinking it was time to wake up but I couldn’t get up and do you know why ………. ?  I WAS JUST A BLOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Now I don’t have  joints, a skull, a jaw bone, hips, or ribs. Joints are really important because it’s a place where two or more bones are connecting together. Skulls are also important because that’s what holds your head in place and protects the brain from falling out of your head. See there are many things that protect you in your body that we don’t think about every day . 

One thought on “Skeleton

  1. Hayat,
    It is good to put a little thought towards all of the parts of our bodies that we take for granted isn’t it? Nice story and I agree, having a protected brain is one of those things we need!
    Mrs. D

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