Hello again :)))

Hello, I feel like I haven’t been posting much lately and the answer to that is because I haven’t actually thought of it. Ever since we’ve been out of school my brain has gone blank, and my mind has gone wild.  On thoughts and wonders.  Today our governed of Az has said that we will extend our social distancing a bit longer so that we can have more and more time to improve . Which I think is a great idea!  Wouldn’t you rather spend more time social distancing then in June never have to do this again or regret … Continue reading Hello again :)))


Have you ever thought’ what would you do if you woke up with no bones ? Well I have answers for you ! Let me just tell you this tragic story of what happened . I woke up from bed thinking it was time to wake up but I couldn’t get up and do you know why ………. ?  I WAS JUST A BLOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Now I don’t have  joints, a skull, a jaw bone, hips, or ribs. Joints are really important because it’s a place where two or more bones are connecting together. Skulls are also important because … Continue reading Skeleton

Secret Santa day

Today I got something for one of my friends . It was Secret Santa day and I got Mikayla Two things of candy . Now they were not just regular candy . It was chocolate over a gummy . Now I thought that ,That would be perfect because those are two things that she loves ….. but was I wrong . It was gross ! A bunch of people offered to have one . Most people did not like them but one person did . I did get her another pack of gummies that just had a different variety of … Continue reading Secret Santa day

Food Truck Project

Hello again,  We have novel projects every month of a book we decide to read. This month’s book project was called the food project. We had to make a poster or a three-d object made by hand. We also had a math part and it was about proportions.  Something awesome that our teachers decide to do for this project was to make a food item that is connected to the Book. My novel book was named Cyclone and I really enjoyed it! It has many awesome characters in it, but now I ‘\m off-topic. All the 6th-grade classrooms had a … Continue reading Food Truck Project